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Chartered Flights

Hesperus Air Service is available for freight or passenger flights statewide.

Available aircraft include the Cessna 206 and Piper PA-18 Super Cub.  Both are operated on tundra tires to allow for landing and takeoff at unimproved areas throughout remote Alaska.

Hesperus Air can provide chartered flights for any purpose, including:

    - Transportation of passengers and/or goods between towns, villages, and remote sites

    - Fuel delivery

    - Expediting and logistics services

    - Flightseeing or adventure tourism

    - Staging supplies for multi-day excursions (dog mushing, mountaineering, backcountry trips)

Contact Hesperus Air for hourly rates, per-pound freight rates, or a per-trip charter rate customized to your needs.

Cessna 206

Piper PA-18