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Remote Camp Operations

Remote camps can support wilderness excursions, geological studies, biological research, or whatever your purpose in Alaska's wilderness might be.  Hesperus Air is experienced in providing services ranging from quick-drop spike camps to multi-year installations.  We can work with you to set up a short-term, long-term, seasonal, or year-round camp to meet your needs. 

Hesperus Air will help you to:

  1. -    LOCATE a potential camp site that is accessible by STOL aircraft and/or helicopter, depending on your scope.

  1. -    PERMIT the camp site with appropriate agencies for land use and temporary utilities.

  1. -    EQUIP the camp with electricity, water, heat, kitchen facilities, accommodations, office space, and other amenities as needed.  Let us know if satellite internet or telephone capabilities are part of your requirements.

  1. -    STAFF the camp with full-time personnel experienced in remote camp operations.  High-quality cooks, professional bear guards, camp managers, and housekeepers can all be provided.

  1. -    SUPPLY the camp with food, fuel, and all items necessary to sustain operations to your specifications.  In-town expediting and fixed-wing air support are part of our services.

Remote camps typically support up to 16 people.  Contact Hesperus Air for service quotes and additional information.

HESPERUS AIR SERVICE     *     907-350-8249 CELL     *     rrhuntingak@gmail.com

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HESPERUS AIR SERVICE     *     907-350-8249 CELL     *     rrhuntingak@gmail.com