Hesperus Air Service

Backcountry Adventures

Alaska offers some of the best adventure tourism opportunities in the world.  Accessing the backcountry can be daunting without good support, but Hesperus Air provides knowledgeable and experienced service to adventurers of all pursuits. 

Hesperus Air's "backyard" includes the Alaska Range, Susitna Valley, and Kuskokwim Valley, but we are familiar with the terrain and thrills all over Alaska.  Let us provide the transportation and outfitting for any adventure.

    - Iditarod viewing

    - Backcountry hiking

    - River rafting

    - Mountaineering

    - Backcountry skiing

    - Remote hot springs visits

    - Drop-off hunting or fishing

    - Documentary or videography

Want to spend the night comfortably?  Let Hesperus Air set up a spike camp with arctic oven tents, fire pits, and all necessary supplies.  For larger-scale efforts, camp provision services are available too.

Need a tour guide?  Hesperus can provide one for your safety, education, and/or peace of mind.

Need a hunting guide?  Try R&R Hunting and Outdoor Adventures for sheep, moose, bear, or other game.

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